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Applied economics IV

Applied economics IV

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Volume horaire de cours : 18
Langue principale : Anglais

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

Public economics focuses on two sets of questions: I) how do governments policies affect the economy and II) how should policies be designed to maximize welfare.
The lectures provide an overview of public interventions from a microeconomic perspective. We insist on decision-making process, implementation of policies and their evaluation.
The impacts of economics policies may differ according to location (city area, county, country) in which these policies are implemented. They may also differ over time with coming generations being affected.Spatial and generational dimensions are also considered.


  • Pindyck Robert and Daniel Rubinfeld (2008), Microeconomics, Pearson
  • Mueller Dennis (2003) Public Choice III, Cambridge University Press

Course Outline

  1. Why should we study public economics?
  2. Public goods and externalities
  3. Evaluation of public policies
  4. The public choice perspective
  5. The spatial dimension in public economics
  6. Introducing time and generations