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  2. Hybrid integrated photonics

Hybrid integrated photonics

Hybrid integrated photonics

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Volume horaire de cours : 12
Langue principale : français

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

1. Introduction to integrated photonics, overview
2. Theory of advanced electromagnetic waveguides
3. Micro-photonics components and hybrid process for sensors and optical telecommunication applications
4. Nanophotonic / sub-wavelength photonics by coupling hybrid thin layer process:
- Examples of photonic structures based on photonic crystals (filters, detectors, VCSEL).

Compétences à acquérir

Integrated photonics and nano-photonics devices by hybrid and coupled thin layer process. The goal of such micro- and nano-photonics module is to present integrated photonics and materials with a view to highlight the recent development of specific hybrid processes (such as biomolecular film deposition, assembled growth and handling of optical elements, plasma treatments coupled with microtechnologic thin layers processes, and microfluidic devices) for the realisation of optical components devoted respectively to sensors (physical, chemical, biologic measurements) and to optical telecommunications applications.

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