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Intelligence économique

Intelligence économique

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Description du contenu de l'enseignement


  • Understand the role of strategic intelligence in the management of organizations
  • Master the strategic intelligence process and the techniques of data collection, knowledge creation and dissemination
  • Understand the critical issues and challenges related to the protection of a firm’s intangible assets and the strategic role of Intellectual/Industrial Property protection
  • Identify ways for a firm to influence its environment

Skills to be acquired
-Ability to decipher trends, detect threat and opportunities for an organization
-Acquire efficient research methods and discover/adopt techniques and tools for data collection, storage, sharing, processing and analysis
-Ability to transform information into knowledge that will support the corporate decision-making process
-Ability to structure a strategic intelligence report and make an effective presentation to the decision makers

Part 1: Strategic intelligence: definitions, scope
Part 2: Strategic intelligence in practice
-Process: plan – collect – process – disseminate – protect – influence
-Tools and techniques
Part 3: Expert testimonials:
-The strategic role of IP protection
-Strategic intelligence in the fake news era
Experiential learning: students are involved all along this course in a hands-on experience; they design and implement a strategic intelligence plan for an organization, present the outcome of their analysis to the company, and reflect on their experience in order to enter in a continuous improvement process.

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No prerequisites

Assessment method
Group case study