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UE2 - Anglais

UE2 - Anglais

En pratique :

Volume horaire global de TD : 30
Langue principale : Anglais

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

Our objectives are to encourage autonomy in language-learning and to enhance your communication skills in English within the specific context of your specialization. Additionally, you will be encouraged to present your scientific knowledge in layman’s terms. (If you don’t know what ‘layman’s terms’ means, it’s time to learn!).

Course program (24h)
You will choose from 2 to 4 related-interest modules (all modules are based on the different Biology Masters programs offered at the university).
Each module comprises 2-4 classes: overview; research/preparation; and final project. The final project will be an oral presentation or debate.
NB: Off-topic debates are possible in order to spur/reinforce spontaneous oral expression.

Self-study (6h)

  • Task 1: You will work on perfecting your CV/resume and cover letter; and on finding a suitable internship or job offer in an English-speaking country. You will attend two interview sessions (one practice interview and one evaluated session).
  • Task 2: You will work in pairs to create a TED-style video on a topic of your choosing.

Compétences à acquérir

Academic skills
While emphasis is placed on oral comprehension and expression, written expression and reading comprehension will not be neglected. Specialized lexicon work will be undertaken on an ad hoc basis.

Interdisciplinary Skills
Students will be expected to:

  • Work in groups
  • Write abstracts/lit reviews
  • Present in layman’s terms
  • Practice TED-style talks (more relaxed, wider audience)


  • Oral expression (in-class presentations/debates + self-study video)
  • Job interview (session arranged outside classroom hours)
  • Listening comprehension (in-class test)
  • Reading comprehension (final exam)
  • Written expression (final exam)